The German Iraki is dedicated to exploring the imporatence & unimportance of the cultural origis of sounds and their stories.
The German Iraki belives in the power of sound to elevate our inner realationship with ourself, and transfer that knowledge to radiating positivity outwords.
In a practical sens, the German Iraki is a collector & sellector of music and a documentor of stories surrounding Audio.
Upcoming is a photo book on the stories of Jamaican music lable Roolings Muzik.

Nuff Gal // I Jahbar x Garcia x Duppy Gun Family

Nuff Gal is a song realesed under the Duppy Gun project in 2014 featuring I Jahbar’s Vocals on a Garcia riddim.
Re-sang by I Jahbar in this live banana Farm session in 2022.
Video by the German Iraki

Join us for a Journey down west,
where a glass of Whisky in the heat of a sunny afternoon,
remindes us of the essence of life itself.
Welcome to country Rebels Vol. 1
Played on Untitled radio, Haifa City


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Ken from Texas / Intro

Ennio Morricone / Per qualche dollaro in più (For a Few Dollars More)

John T. Gast / Track 1

Ola Belle Reed / Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow

Labradford / Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans

Jeff Curtis / Unrestful Rain

Frank Luther / Pretty Polly

Nicolas Jaar / Don't Break My Love

Conway Twitty / I've Just Destroyed The World

Jackson C. Frank / Blues Run The Game

The Dezurik Sisters / The Arizona Yodeler

Delia Derbyshire / Way Out

Felix Laband / Rain can

Almeda Riddle / Bury Me Beneath the Willow

Iron Horse / Unforgiven

Statler Brothers / Flowers on the Wall

Ganga Beats / Hick Hop Country Rap Beat instrumental

Rosalie Allen / Yodel Boogie

Eartheater / Peripheral

Jim Reeves / This World Is Not My Home

Whitey Shafer / All My Ex's Live in Texas

The Hillbilly Gypsies / Crazy Creek

The Cleverlys / Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Carter Brothers & Son / Old Jaw Bone

Abner Jay / Bring It When You Come

Maggi Payne / Flights of Fancy

Clifton Hicks / Cackling Hen (Early Gourd Banjo)

Ninjaman / Lead Me Home

Upchurch / Hillbilly

Gramps Morgan / Water In My Whiskey

Tex Williams / Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)

Yung Troubadour / FREE Country Rap x Jelly Roll Type Beat

Mississippi Dew

Jamie Ray / Country to the City

Abner Jay / I'm A Hard Working Man

Willi Carlisle / Buffalo Bill

Rosalie Allen / Never Trust A Man

Neil Morris / Anything, with commentary

Ursula Sereghy / Pigeon

Coon Creek Girls / Pretty Polly

XXXTENTACION / going down! (Instrumental)

Beenie Man, Lt Stitchie & Josey Wales

at King Jammy's studio Jamaica

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